EASA Approved Training Organisation

SE.ATO.0002 & SE.CCTO.0003

Skies Airline Training is an EASA approved training organization providing professional flight crew and cabin crew training services for small and medium sized airlines as well as for  self-sponsored individuals at our training centers in Stockholm .


Our service portfolio stretches from crew training and crew resourcing to airline management and operational support.

EASA approvals

Management team

Pilot & cabin crew training for operators and individuals

Skies Airline Training is operating in strict compliance with European (EASA) and international (ICAO) rules and regulations. Our approvals are issued and supervised by the swedish civil aviation authority (SCAA).


Skies Airline Training also held an approval for providing training outside of the EU territory .

Pilot Training




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In addition to our ATO approval, Skies also hold a separate CCTO approval (EASA Cabin Crew Training Organization), with authorization to provide cabin crew initial training, cabin crew attestation and cabin crew type training on Airbus and Boeing.

Cabin Crew




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Skies Airline Trainings' state-of-the-art simulators have break-through visual realism, cockpit replication, high-fidelity avionics simulation as well as flight and ground-handling characteristics that are  indistinguishable from a fully operational aircraft.


FSTD  SE-319

FSTD  SE-320

FSTD  SE-321




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