EASA Approved Training Organisation

SE.ATO.0002 & SE.CCTO.0003

•   100 hours of theoretical training

•   52 hours of flight training

•   Ground school materials

•   Flight instructor fees

•   Aircraft manuals

•   Aviation English Language Proficiency check

•   Medical examination

•   First attempt CAA examination fees

•   Examiner fees and all applicable taxes





•   Aircraft General Knowledge

•   Operational Procedures

•   Human Performance

•   Communications VFR

•   Metrology

•   Air Law

•   Performance, Flight Planning, Mass & Balance

•   Principles of Flight

•   Navigation

Total course duration: 3 to 4 months



•   Minimum age of 17 years old to enter the course

•   High School Degree or Equivalent

•   Able to pass English Language Proficiency (ELP)

   Level 4 or higher

•   Able to pass Aviation Class 2 Medical Exam

•   Able to Pass the Pre Entry assessment




•   50 hours flight training on single engine aircraft

•   2 hours skill test

The entry level flight certification is the private pilot license (PPL). As a holder of a PPL license you can fly small, single engine aircraft privately.


Skies Airline Training's PPL program takes you from zero experience to a holder of a Private Pilot License in less than 4 months.


Course details

PPL - Private Pilot License

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