EASA Approved Training Organisation

SE.ATO.0002 & SE.CCTO.0003

What is the required documents to apply for a student visa?


1.  Passport copy


2.  Last Education certificate (secondary school /  

    high school)


3.  Invitation/acceptance letter (to be issued by

    Skies' administration


4.  VISA application form (form no. 105031)


5.  Valid health insurance


6.  Bank Statement ( from the student's personal



7.  Power of Attorney ( in case we apply on your




How long do I have to wait for my VISA?


As per the latest announcement from Swedish immigration, the student visa takes minimum 4-5 months to receive a decision.


Once you receive an approval on your application and collect it from the nominated Embassy, it will take another 2-3 weeks until your student residency card be issued.



What if my VISA is not ready before the start of the course?


In case your VISA is still under process and you miss the given start date, your training agreement is still valid and you can start with the first start date after you receive your visa approval.

The same shall be arranged with the training coordinator.



What if my VISA application is rejected?


In case your visa application rejects, your training agreement will be cancelled and your initial payment will be refunded minutes administration fees (as specified in your training agreement.)

However, during the last 5 years, we never had any rejection on our student visas.



What is the meaning of sharing



Our accommodation is sharing basis, you will share the room with another student (1 roommate).

Showers and cooking facilities are shared  with few other rooms.



Can I have my own individual room?


It is upon availability. you may request the training coordinator at the time of enrollment.

Extra charges will apply.



Could my family join me in students accommodation ?


This is not a family accommodation. Guests for temporary visit are allowed subject to pre-approval from the school administration and the approval of the roommate.



Campus concerns

Student VISA

What is the difference between Integrated and Modular ATPL course?


Integrated is a full time residential course and more focused whereas in Modular you can fit training around other commitments (work, family etc).


In Modular course students have the freedom to complete the training at their own speed, this route is ideal for those who want to stay in work whilst they train.


In a work opportunity perspective, airlines do have a preference for graduates from integrated training courses. As the airlines take the view that a full-time course offers a better guarantee of readiness for the big step from a training aircraft to an airliner.


However, although the airlines might prefer integrated graduates, they also recruit from the modular stream, particularly when there is a shortage of pilots.



What is the language used during the training?


Our courses are only provided in English.



How can I enroll one of your programs?


To enroll with us you need to follow the steps below:


1. Once you are sure you are interested to join one of our courses, you shall send us the required documents,


2. Your documents will be checked by us and if you are eligible for the program, we will send you a Training Agreement,


3. You sign the agreement and send it back to us


4. You will receive your invoice,


5. You will make the initial payment (as per your training agreement),


6. Your slot will be confirmed and you will receive a list of the required documents for student VISA application,


7. We assist you to apply for your student VISA



In which format shall I send you my documents?


Please send your documents in PDF or JPEG format. We need to have the documents in high resolution.